A vision created by Dr Khosi Ngema to assist our youth to a brighter and possible education and specialized health services for the disadvantaged.

DKNF Vision 

Through lasting partnerships, empowerment and positive values the DRKNF will
contribute socio-economic development and ensure healthy, self-sustainable and
successful individuals through education campaigns and providing health specialized dentistry services to learners and individuals, including specifically special Olympic athletes and learners with various disabilities ranging from intellectual to physical disabilities to equip and support them to become self-sustainable adults and achieving their full potential.

DKNF Mission 

Ngema foundation theory of change is developing, providing and creating opportunism in various sectors and the health sector in specialized needs services to provide specifically youth and disabled and special needs applicants with educational and holistic measures to build, thrive, succeed and create healthy and self-sustainable successful individuals. We aim to achieve this goal by partnering with the Special Olympics South Africa team and be a part of their existing programs.

Outcomes of the foundation

  • Partnering with the Special Olympics programs to provide specialized dentistry for Special Olympics athletes
  • Assisting and incorporating programs and campaigns for awareness and Special Olympic athlete for education, careers and healthcare.
  • Because of our existence, specialized health services will be available to the poor and
    access create healthier environments and lifestyles and eliminating the strain on the primary healthcare system.

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Contact Details

Mickey Van Der Merwe

Telephone Number: +27 11 540 0228

E-mail Address: mickey@drknfoundation.org.za 

Sanele Buthelezi

Telephone Number: +27 11 540 0228

E-mail Address:   sanele@drknfoundation.org.za



26 Peter Place Road,

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