Benefits of having braces?

We all know that the number one reason people wear braces is to fix their miss-aligned teeth and though this may be the most common reason there is actually a couple of other benefits to wearing braces.

Though there are way more benefits to wearing braces, we will only be listing only 5

  1. Digestion

Yep, it’s true, teeth actually do play a vital role in your digestion process. If you have teeth that have common orthodontic problems it might make it difficult to chew food or your food may not be broken down as they should which affects the digestion process.

After your orthodontic treatment is completed and your teeth are back to normal it will make it easier for chewing thus making the digestion process easy flowing.

  • Beautiful Smile and Confidence

It is no secret that when you have a beautiful smile with beautiful teeth to go along with it, your confidence and self-esteem is automatically boosted. You will find yourself talking and laughing with people without being shy or hiding your teeth.

  • Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused by food and drinks that sometimes form acid which leads to the decay being formed in your teeth. Tooth decay can be avoided by a lot of factors including brushing your teeth properly and consistently as well as flossing.

This may be difficult to do when you have miss-aligned teeth merely because miss-aligned teeth can be difficult to brush and/or floss thus making it easier for tooth decay to form in your mouth which essentially cause infections.

If you find it difficult to reach those hard to brush areas in your teeth then braces may be the solution for you.

Please take note that during your orthodontic treatment you will need to use your ortho kit regularly to avoid tooth decay.

  • Improves your speech

Miss- aligned teeth make it difficult for some people to talk, causing lips and/or whistles, this can even affect their profession especially when you mostly work with people. Luckily braces can fix this, and you can be talking and laughing with confidence in no time.

  • Prevent bone erosion

If your teeth are miss-aligned and have too much spacing or overcrowding etc, it can put too much pressure on your jaw bone leading to bone erosion. Braces initially fixes a bad bite overtime which will prevent and/or fix bone erosion of the gums

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