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Dr Ngema Orthodontist
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Welcome to Dr Ngema Orthodontist. This is a family-oriented Orthodontic practice. You, your health and your smile are our top priorities. We want to help you achieve exceptional oral health, for a lifetime of health smiling.

Our Orthodontist, Dr Khosi Ngema, along with our caring and most friendly team members, are passionate about delivering gentle, Orthodontic treatment while developing friendships with our patients and their families.

  • Interceptive orthodontics and orthopedics
  • Early orthodontic treatment
  • The look for teen braces is important
  • Extractions and Teen braces
  • Wisdom teeth and teen braces
  • Retention and teen braces
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  • Lingual Braces
  • Clear Braces
  • Traditional Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Retention In Adult Braces
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We are available to give you your orthodontic procedure from Monday to Saturday. Book an appointment by simply clicking the button below

Professional Orthodontists 

Dr Ngema Orthodontist practices have some of the most professional orthodontic specialists which you may view in our Gallery 

Modern Equipment

We work with safe, modern orthodontic tools which will give you a great variety to choose from

Our procedures
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A records appointment includes specific X-ray studies including panoramic and cephalometric
X-rays. Just like other X-rays, these orthodontic treatment X-rays are not painful but they do
provide a wealth of information for the orthodontist. Panoramic X-rays take a single image of
both rows of teeth while cephalometric X-rays give the orthodontist a picture of the roots and
the jaws.
After you have made the decision to have dental braces and, importantly, your orthodontist
feels that dental braces are necessary, you will have a records appointment. A diagnostic
records appointment is basically a dental visit in which you have all of the studies performed so
that the orthodontist can determine the best orthodontic treatment plan for you.
Pre – Treatment
In order to change your smile from its crooked state to a thing of beauty, your orthodontist will
need to perform a detailed investigation of your mouth and figure out how to make the teeth
and jaws move into the most pleasing and functional position. Orthodontic treatment begins
with X-rays and molds of the patient’s teeth and progresses to a detailed treatment plan.
Frequently Asked Questions

So what do you do if you have a large family with crooked teeth? Orthodontic discount
programs may provide the answer. To meet the needs of large (and small) families, orthodontic
discount programs are a way to reduce the cost of orthodontic treatment for a many people.
Please speak to the practice to see what options are available

Considering the cost of braces this can represent a huge savings, especially for families with a
large number of children that need orthodontic treatment.

Most health insurance companies use the criterion of medical necessity to determine whether
or not they will reimburse their customers for a particular procedure.
A similar argument is used in dental insurance. How much of dentistry is medically necessary
and how much is simply to look better? While it is reasonably easy to justify orthodontics
treatment as a necessary procedure, it can also be argued that it is primarily cosmetic in nature.

The American Association of Orthodontists reported that eight out of ten mothers of children
with orthodontia claim that braces are cooler today than when they were young. Seven out of
ten mothers say that wearing braces actually makes their children feel cool.
Braces today are cool for a number of reasons. Since braces are more affordable, more kids
have them. Instead of being one of a few students in the minority, most kids expect to have
braces. Thus even the “cool” kids are going to have them at some point. Braces are seen as a
sign of maturity, as in, “I’m old enough to wear braces.” The braces of today are smaller and
less cumbersome. They can also be customized with various colors. This means that braces
today are an accessory rather than a burden.

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Our Patient
Say about us
Gontse Moshugi

It took me a few minutes of my first consultation to know that I was at 
the right place. Thank you to the cheerful staff. Thank you for your 
dedication and effort. There is no doubt that I would recommend Dr 

Keitumetse Makwela
10 year old patient

My daughter has been getting her orthodontic treatment done by Dr Ngema for less than 2 tears now and the improvement in my daughters teeth is really mind blowing. We would recommend her in a heart beat

Philisiwe Sigcawu

I smile everyday and everywhere because I am happy. This is the best 
thing that has happened to me. I would recommend Dr Ngema to anyone. You 
can never go wrong with her.

Keamogetswe Seshabela

By far the most amazing service ever. As a patient, you feel so empoered 
with knowledge at every stap of your journey.


It has been a great three years of my life. It has been the best 
decision that I have made. I can smile with confidence.

Our orthodontic specialists care about your family’s teeth and oral hygiene 

We love that we provide care that truly changes a person’s life and so in a warm, welcoming, and fun environment where our younger patients love to visit and where our adult patients feel comfortable, each member of our team is friendly and personable, and we love talking with our patients about their lives and interests.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Orthodontic family and starting you on the new path to healthy, straight teeth, so you can smile with confidence.

Dr S Sihlangu
Dr MB Moshe
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